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Korber Models - Scale Model Railroad Structures for HO, O and G Gauge

Korber Komplete - Built Up Model Service

Korber Models introduces
Korber Komplete, a new service providing built up, ready to run options for select Korber models kits. Korber Komplete service provides today's modelers options to include great Korber model on their layout when time or modeling skill may not be readily available. Click Here for more information

York Fall 2013 New Items
#705 O Scale Fire Tower is a compact kit offering a lot of detail in a small space. This great model was inspired by Jim Policastro's outstanding layout.  

#315 Grain Silo This classic Korber kit is now back in production and ready ship!

York Spring 2013 New Items
#702 O Scale Background Tall City Building is a shallow relief building inspired by Bill Bramlage's spectacular Tower City.  This impressive 32" structure fits in a compact 11" by 1" foot print. Ideal for a back wall representation of the big city.

#703 O Scale Radio Station and Tower is attention grabbing addition to your layout at 24"   Every town and city over the 20th Century had a radio station, and your layout deserves one too. Make this the centerpiece for your layout, includes red flashing LED lighting that runs from AC or DC power.

#704 O Scale Steel Storage Tanks w/Dual tops and LED light 
This versatile kit makes a great addition to any industrial area on your layout.

Korber Models, the tradition continues

Korber Models has been a leader in model railroading structures since 1979, making great looking, unique and easy to build models that bring your railroad to life. Korber Models produces a complete line of structures for HO, O and G Scale hobbyists featuring unique items such as the popular roundhouse, power plant and grain silos.

We are proud to offer a wide range of model railroading structures for sale here at  featuring models manufactured right here in Ohio, USA.

We would like to thank Patrick Halbleib for his generous support of our efforts by allowing us to use many of his photos on the web site of great Korber buildings on his spectacular O Scale layout! 

On Line Store is Now Active!
You can access the on line store 24/7 to browse and purchase in stock Korber Models in HO, O and G scales.  Simply go to the On Line Store tab at the top of this page to enter the store and start shopping.

We are excited to be making progress in returning the popular line of Korber Models to production. The Flag Company, Pickle Factory and General Light and Power Office and the Grain Silo are now ready to ship. 

If you are looking for a specific model, or simply want to get your name on the list for one, please use the contact us tab to let us know what your needs are.  

Latest Korber Models News 

Korber Models LLC has launched several new products in the O Scale product line of model buildings manufactured in Ohio, USA. 

For more details read the complete release here.

Bring Back the Models
Many of the most popular models offered by Korber have been out of stock for some time.  We need your help to prioritize which ones come back on line first.  Please take a minute to take a quick survey so your voice is heard. 

Click here to take the survey now.

    Are they done yet?
      Just like when we used to ask mom over and over when the cookies come out of the oven, you want to know when your favorite Korber model is avalible.  We will be glad to keep you updated with product availability.  

      Tell us how to reach you here.  

      Featured Recent Additions

      #700 O Scale Background Apartment Building is a compact shallow relief building with full size detail in a compact 3” by 13” foot print

      Great new detail items such as the #701 Roof Top Wood Water Tank is a new laser cut kit with great detail, and Laser cut windows are unveiled for the 304 Roundhouse which are available to upgrade your existing roundhouse.

      Visit the Web Store tab at the top of the page for more details and to purchase

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